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Go Straight to Confidence with 6 Month Smiles from Dr. John Tague

added on: October 22, 2013

Gapped, crooked, crowded, protruding – those just aren’t words you want to use when you describe your smile, are they? But who wants to go through years of orthodontic treatment to correct it? Most adults don’t want to take the time … and they don’t want to look like a teenager wearing metal braces either!

Six Month Smiles from St. Petersburg dentist Dr. John Tague is a great solution. These  innovative braces, intended only for adjustments on the front teeth,  offer a unique way to deal with crooked or gapped teeth, especially when the real issue is cosmetic.

If you have a special event coming up, such as a graduation or a wedding, or you are simply tired of feeling self-conscious about your teeth, Six Month Smiles can help you look great and feel confident. And just as the name says, treatment can be completed in only six, short months!

What Makes Six Month Smiles from Dr. Tague Different?

You may wonder how Six Month Smiles braces are different from traditional braces or Invisalign. First, they are similar to traditional orthodontics in that they do use wires and brackets instead of plastic aligners. This is part of the reason they work so quickly. Six Month Smiles also:
  • Feel comfortable.
  • Work very quickly, cutting treatment time by much more than half.
  • Appear almost invisible since the brackets are tooth colored.
  • Usually cost less than other forms of orthodontic treatment or porcelain veneers.
If you are wondering if Six Month Smiles might be for you, take the Six Month Smile evaluation Then, if you think you would like to straighten your teeth the safe, effective, comfortable – grown up –  way, talk with your St. Petersburg dentist, Dr. John Tague,  about how Six Month Smiles can help you get a straighter, more beautiful smile – fast!