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John B. Tague BS, DMD, PA

General & CosmetiC Dentistry


Missing teeth can make eating, talking, and smiling difficult, but some people worry that dentures will look unnatural or fit poorly. Dr. John Tague takes plenty of time with you to make sure your denture or partial is made to suit you and your needs. In fact, very few dentists go to such lengths to provide total satisfaction for their patients.

If you need a denture or partial to replace teeth we are removing, we will make beautiful interim dentures ahead of time so you never leave our office without teeth! We also use the Coe Comfort liner, a soothing cushion that actually helps heal the tissues. As you are healing, we see you as many times as needed.

Once healing is complete, we take impressions to make your uniquely comfortable and beautiful denture or partial. We never use standardized metal trays – even the impression trays are individually made just for you.

These custom impressions are then sent to the lab for the fabrication of your denture base. The base will be tried on and adjusted as needed before teeth are applied, allowing us to fine-tune comfort and fit. Once the denture base feels snug and natural, the base will go back to the lab for the application of temporary, wax teeth. We encourage you to bring a loved one along to offer their opinion on size, shape and color. Ultimately, we think your dentures should look like your own, natural teeth, so we will work with you to modify the details until each tooth looks exactly the way you want.

Remember, you will be wearing your interim dentures while we refine your final denture so you never have to worry about embarrassment or discomfort.

When we are sure you are completely satisfied with the fit and appearance, it is time for your final teeth and a fitting! Patients are amazed at how good the dentures look and feel. Of course, we welcome you back for tweaks and adjustments as needed to keep you feeling comfortable and confident.